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Simon Laub

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Compressed informal personal info in the form of Geek codes (version 3.12)
started way back in 1991. I keep these codes for sentimental reasons,
while I await more advanced future coding systems.
Insert the code in the "ungeek" page and see what happens.

GCS/S/IT/M/O d++@ s+: a? C++++ U++ P L-- E+ W++ N+++ o++ K-- w++++ O---- M- V-- PS PE++ Y PGP++ t--- 5- X-- R tv-- b+++ DI++++ D++ G+++ e+++

Continuing the bio info:
It turns out I'm an INTJ temperament, which is a sub-category of "rationals",
according to Keirsey. Whether this is good or not. I've no idea.
See Internet Curriculum Vitae for more info.
Btw. According to Keirsey statistics, in the general population the estimated ''temperament'' distribution is:
40-45% Guardians, 35-40% Artisans, 5-10% Idealists and 5-10% Rationals.

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