Why Hillary will become president.

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Date: Oct. 29th 2001.
Organization: RI Inc.

September 11th wasn't a very good day.
Actually, it was more like the beginning of a nightmare future
filled with fanaticism, terror and antrax. Or so it seemed.

So how can western values of freedom,
liberty and democracy come back with a
vengeance here at the start of the century?

Obviously the west has to promote images
that will both captivate the minds of the world
and demonstrate the power of western beliefs.

As freedom and equal opportunity between men and women
are core western beliefs.
Then what better way to promote freedom around the world
than showing women (leaders) enjoying real equality in the western world?
After all women constitutes half
of the general population in the world.
And what better way to make that half our allies than electing leaders
that will personify these beliefs?

What better weapon against the dark ages of the Afghanistani Taliban -
than the image of educated, intelligent and powerful western women?
What could be more hopeful for people living in oppressive third world
countries in internal turmoil - than the image of stable societies
with equal opportunity?

Obviously, no single politician will be ideal
for leading such an agenda. But if the west is lead
by America and the highest post there is the presidency.
Then, which female candidate can take such a
position in the foreseeable future?
I certainly can't see other candidates than Hillary Clinton
(and I haven't forgottan the inherent arrogance
of her husbands presidency, plus a million other problems).
So, combining the possible (in the foreseeable future)
with the need to push western ideas forward - in the
struggle for the imagination, hearts and minds
of the world - I think Hillary will eventually have
a high profile job in a future american administation.
She could even up being president.

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Oct. 29th. 2001.


Simon Laub