One of the first 10.000 www homepages:
Time machine (back to AD 1993 - 1995): This is how the friends page (vers. 2.0) of my homepage looked all these years ago! As I had removed all pictures from the front page (due to horrible loading times) - I went crazy here on the friends page with a massive 200 kb worth of pictures ... The horrible loading times of those days is a lesson so well learned, that I am still (2005) hesistant to add anything flashy to my site these days (Even though the site could surely do with some Java applets, flash effects and what have you ...). Back then it was displayed with the Mosaic browser! Pretty cool stuff by the standards of way back then! Feel free to explore it, as it looked all these years ago - Or check out how the very first version looked.
If timetravel and web archaeology is not your thing then return to the present: current homepage.

My home planet is Earth, but QTY 232 of the Tau Ceti (fractal) system is also close to my heart.

The Tau Cetians live in a hostile environment. Flashes of fire haunting the nights.

But enough fantasy. Around 2050 I'm sure I'll have visited Mars. Seen melting polar ice. Been trapped in wild dust storms. And survived to take a look at this : Clear springtime in the martian northern hemisphere.
Somehow it seems just round the corner , ahh ?