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Internet outreach in Europe late 2009.

History of this site:
Back in 1992 Erik Futtrup introduced me to the brave new world of homepages.
At the time he had just started his own (homepage), and mine followed shortly thereafter.
According to estimates at the time, both were among the first 10.000 homepages on the internet.

At first I accessed the page through a computer at the university.
In 1997 I got my first dial-up modem for home access.
I got ISDN access in 1999. And broadband 4 years ago.
Flash and video content was added along with the better internet access.
Nevertheless, most of the homepage can still be accessed with slower connections.
In 1993 the site contained less than 20 pages. By 2009 the site contains more than 3000 pages.

Homepage Stats

To see what the site looked like in 1996 (and later) try the Wayback machine.
Or enter a time machine, and see what this homepage
looked like back in 1992 - 93, by clicking here: Web Archaeology.
Looks exactly as way back then!

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Dec 28th. 2009.

Simon Laub