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HTC Desire impressions, december 2010:
HTC Desire. Shazam, Quake, Eliza, R.I.V.K.A.

A closer look at some android applications:
Shazam, Quake, Eliza, R.I.V.K.A., Layar augmented reality and more.
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HTC Desire. R.I.V.K.A.


HTC Desire. R.I.V.K.A.       HTC Desire. R.I.V.K.A.
and conclusions....
HTC Desire. R.I.V.K.A.
Artificial Intelligence Chat   Alice Bot

Desire Day videos:

HTC Desire. Getting connected.




Part I: Mobile Computing - HTC Desire first impressions -

Google Earth, Shazam, Eliza, R.I.V.K.A., Layar app (Augmented Reality), Quake and more.

        Watch on youtube. Getting connected.





HTC Desire. Getting connected.

Part II: Mobile Computing - HTC Desire first impressions -

Connecting laptop to the internet through the phone (First with phone as a WIFI hotspot, next using the Tether app).

Then, more Android apps: Google Maps, Qik live streaming and Google Goggles.

         Watch on youtube. Getting connected.

Facebook. Getting connected.

In the end it is all about being connected.

As demonstrated in this facebook friends connectivity map from december 2010.

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