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Time machine (back to AD 1993 - 1995): This is how the article page (vers. 2.0) of my homepage looked all these years ago! Please notice that I had removed all pictures from the front page, due to horrible loading times. Sure, you could add a 80 kb pic to your site in 1993 - 95 - but it would then take forever to load, and people would be pretty upset... so off they went all these pictures. As a matter of fact - a lesson so well learned, that I am still (2005) hesistant to add anything flashy to my site these days (Even though the site could surely do with some Java applets, flash effects and what have you ...). Back then it was displayed with the Mosaic browser! Pretty cool stuff by the standards of way back then! Feel free to explore it, as it looked all these years ago - Or check out how the very first version looked.
These articles can still be found in the complete archive.
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