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1. Intelligence, Computers and Reality.
2. Intelligence and Politics. Biographies - The people that brought us here.
3. Intelligence and Cities. The world we live in.
4. Intelligence and Work. Case studies from the workplace.
5. Intelligence and Evolution. The big picture.
6. Intelligence and misc. Events. Experiences along the way.

Intelligence, Computers and Reality.

Computers - from mere machines to transcendent mind -
and human society - towards a new dawn.

 Hvad blev der af HAL? (pdf)(d) txt (d)
Datalog Bladet, Aargang 24, jan 2003. s. 34 - 46

 Self-aware Copies (e)

 Brain Mods (e) and more Axiomatic (e)

 Science Fiction: Isaac Asimovs
Mads Foek, Naturv. Fakul. stud.blad and daimi.lovers 1993

 Cixin Liu's
The Three-Body Problem (e)
2019 Review of Cixin Liu's SF Bestseller "Three-Body Problem" Series
(The Three-Body Problem - 2014, The Dark Forest - 2015, Death's End - 2016)

 Marcus Chowns: The never-ending days of being dead (e)
and Nick Bostroms simulated reality: The simulation argument (e)

Impressions from
The Computer Museum, Mountain View, CA.
Oct. 2009. Reflections and Pics.

Intelligence and Politics.
Biographies - the people that brought us here.

 True Blue - John Adams (e) 1776 (e)
Second president and american hero

 Andrew Jackson (e)
7th president, the peoples president and american lion

Imperator: Caesar and Napoleon
 Herman Lindquists: Napoleon (d) (Jyllands Posten d. 26.09.2005), Peter Oersteds: Caesar (d) and
Adrian Goldsworthys: Caesar (e) Imperator.

 Machiavelli (d)
Perhaps - A guide to politics

 Jack the Ripper - Review: The movie From Hell (e)
A prince and the Whitechapel murders in the good old days

 Churchill (e) - Hitler (e)
WW 2 Heroes and Villains

 Truman (e)
Biography by David McCullough - Amazon review

 JFK (d) JFK - morality and politics (e)

 Nixon - education of a politician (d)

Trumps America in 2019:
 The Man Who Sold America (e)
Review of Joy-Ann Reid's - ''The man who sold America'' - The unraveling of the American story

 Quayle (d) - OJ (e)
American pop culture

Intelligence and Cities. The world we live in.

 Istanbul, Turkey (d)
Interview in Politiken April 10th 2005

 St. Petersburg (Leningrad), Russia (d)
Article in the magazine Samvirke, September 1997

Intelligence and Work. Case studies from the work place.

 Executive Coaching (pdf)(d)
Datalog Bladet, Aargang 27, juni 2005. s. 26 - 34
A shortened (and revised) version of the the coaching article (pdf)(d), Civiloekonomen, December 2005. s. 18-19

 Anti Patterns - Refactoring Software, Architectures and Projects (e)

Princippet (d) - Joy of work (e) - Top secret / strengt fortroligt (d) - Way of the Weasel (e)

 Corinne Maier - Bonjour Paresse (d)
Happy days at work - in France

  (*) Flere gode management nyheder (pdf)(d)
Datalog Bladet, Aargang 24, dec 2001 - jan 2002. s. 40 - 47
The Learning Organization (Notes from study group) (d) Basis for (*)
Strategical Project Management (d) Basis for (*)

 Aarhus Sporveje - Folk og fae - vers. 3.0 (d)
Getting to work, vers. 3.03 - 26.10.2000

Intelligence and Evolution. The big picture.

 The aquatic ape hypothesis by Elaine Morgan (d)
Sink or swim: Did early humans evolve from abes living in an environment like the Florida Everglades?

 Time, Omega and SETI ! (e)

 Drugs and Consciousness (d)

 Goedels proof of Gods existence (e)

Intelligence and Miscellaneous Events. Experiences along the way.

 Clinton i Kbh. 1997 (d)

 Nu hvor Bjarne har forladt os ... - cykelsport 1996 (d)
Article in Information August 24/25 1996

 En foraarsbebuder - cykelsport 1998 (d)

 Karlsruhe Hbf - Hamburg Hbf. (or : The Joy of travelling with nighttrains) (e)

 Ula-Bu-La. Hyde Park. London. June 4 th, 2000. 5 PM (e)


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