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Keywords: Isaac Asimov, Science Fiction, Psychohistory, Patterns in history. Predictions.

Reflections on Isaac Asimovs psychohistory

 Psykohistorie (pdf)(d)  (txt)(d)
Mads Foek, Naturv. Fakul. stud.blad and daimi.lovers 1993

Usenet postings 1991 - 1995:
 PsychoHistory (e)
 PsychoHistory 2 (e)
 PsychoHistory 3 (e)

PsychoHistory 2 - note: Bible codes (d)
(was: Statistics and other lies, "proof" of claims more outlandish than psychohistory)

March 2010, New Scientist runs an article,
where game theory suddenly sounds a lot like PsychoHistory:
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

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Simon Laub

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