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Recreational stuff, photoblog,
automatic digital diaries and much more.

Back in the early 1990s MyLifeBits was just about to hit the internet.

Way back then...
- The idea that you could capture a lifetime's worth of articles, books, cards, CDs,
letters, memos, papers, photos, pictures, presentations, videos, home movies,
videotaped lectures, and voice recordings and store them digitally, on the internet
- seemed a bit over the top.

Ten years later, Wireless Sensor Nets making automatic digital diaries
and putting them directly out on the internet for you,
and what have you from Futuropolis 2058, seems almost commonplace.
So there we are. Speeding towards the full MyLifeBits world or towards information overdose irrelevance?

The internet shrubbery below is a balance act between detail and overview.
It's not full futuropolis MyLifeBits and hopefully, it's not info OD.
Instead, below you'll find a PhotoBlog along with a few associated texts,
from that thing we call life off the internet.

For more on the original MylifeBits project see Gordon Bells the Microsoft MyLifeBits project.

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(State of the art graphical tech back in Jan. 2000).
Kept here for sentimental reasons.

Simon Laub

Email: SimonLaub.mail@FILTER.gmail.com
Aarhus, Denmark, Europe
Original Page: Jan. 2000. Revised Oct. 2003. Last revision Oct. 2007.

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-- PhotoBlog --

Expeditions: Solar Eclipse Aug. 1999 , Expo 2000

- London in October 2000 -
Underground, rain and more:London pics

London, August 2010 - British Library and more: Signs of the times

London Film and Comic Con, July 2013 in Earls Court 2, London.

Shard and London City views. London, July 2013.

Scotland, highlander. April 2002: Highland pics

Berlin 2004 - Tag der Deutschen Einheit:Berlin Oct. 04 pics

Berliner Luft: Berlin Aug. 2013

Denmark, aerial views: Kastrup - Tirstrup, DK flight 2003

Go Tourist, - the ultimate photoblog - or, life is a photo opportunity, Sept. 2003

Aarhus Panoramas - Denmark, March 2011.

Amsterdam 2006 - Window shopping:Amsterdam May 06 pics

Los Angeles in March 2001 - The West Coast, sun and more: L.A. pics
L.A. pics original 2001 page design

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Nov. 24th 2002: Prematch Pictures

The East Coast, Aug. 2006: US East Coast pics Aug. 06

SF, CA. Oct. 2009: SF. pics Oct. 09

New York City.
NYC (07-2014)   NYC (06-2019)

Niagara Falls. June 2019:
Niagara Falls

Montreal, Montmorency Falls, Quebec City. Canada. July 2014: Montreal & Quebec

Kos, Patmos, Nisyros 2023 (July 2023).
Rhodos 2022 (July 2022), Santorini 2014 (June 2014).

Andalucia, Espana. July 2017: Andalucia 2017

Sicily. September 2004: Mezzogiorno 2004

Alghero, Sardegna. March 2010: Biking.  Facce di Firenze, March 2010: Faces

Stromboli. August 2010: Volcano

Rome. September 2010: Roma Settembre 2010

Paris 2014 - Impressions from La Ville Lumiere: Paris May 2014 pics

Warszawa - Treblinka - Warszawa (July 2019): Warszawa 2019

Caribbean PhotoBlog - Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados. May 2011.
Including 360 degrees panoramas from all three islands.

China 2011 PhotoBlog - Hong Kong and Shanghai. August 2011.
Including 360 degrees panoramas from Victoria Harbour and Pudong.

Japan. November 2008: Osaka, Kyoto, Nara. Nov. 2008

Tokyo & Sapporo (Hokkaido). August 2012: Tokyo & Sapporo. Aug. 2012

Dubai. July 2009: Burj Dubai  Musandam, Oman

-- MyLifeBits - or get a life! --

David Blaine, London Sept. 2003

-- MyLifeBits - decisions of 2000 --

Euro valg Sept. 2000

-- MyLifeBits - and why robots must take over --

Kismet - the robot (MIT)
April 2000

I Robot (Asimov)
Nov. 2008

-- now that the biological evolution is over --

The future of sex, by Joel Stein Time Magazine: CyberSex July 2000

-- MyLifeBits - for real ! --

See the Profile page for complete profile and bio info.

Epitomized here as:
It turns out I'm an INTJ temperament, which is a sub-category of "rationals"
according to Keirsey. Whether this is good or not. I've no idea.
Btw. According to Keirsey statistics, in the general population the estimated ''temperament'' distribution is:
40-45% Guardians, 35-40% Artisans, 5-10% Idealists and 5-10% Rationals.

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