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Simon Laub

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Compressed informal personal info in the form of Geek codes (version 3.12)
started way back in 1991. I keep these codes for sentimental reasons,
while I await more advanced future coding systems.
Insert the code in the "ungeek" page and see what happens.

GCS/S/IT/M/O d++@ s+: a? C++++ U++ P L-- E+ W++ N+++ o++ K-- w++++ O---- M- V-- PS PE++ Y PGP++ t--- 5- X-- R tv-- b+++ DI++++ D++ G+++ e+++

Continuing the bio info:
It turns out I'm an INTJ temperament, which is a sub-category of "rationals",
according to Keirsey. Whether this is good or not. I've no idea.
Btw. According to Keirsey statistics, in the general population the estimated ''temperament'' distribution is:
40-45% Guardians, 35-40% Artisans, 5-10% Idealists and 5-10% Rationals.

For personality characteristics, based on writing style,
see my (IBM) Watson test results.

For more general CV info see my Internet Curriculum Vitae.

Plus a lot of wayback info at archived mirror sites (with index).

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