A visit to San Jose, CA.

March 17th, 2010 - by Simon Laub - Email: slaub@csc.com

It is all so simple: Lets make a device, where an Attention meter reads how attentive the user is feeling, and where
a Meditation meter reads how relaxed the user is feeling. And let us, for a moment, not care to much about
other conscious thoughts and lets just treat facial expressions as a noise, and lets sell this device to people for a
bargain price! ... When I first read about NeuroSkys [1] Mindset back in 2008 I was absolutely flabbergasted!

You could really do all of these things! - And that was before I read about computer games like Judecca (a first person shooter game utilizing NeuroSky technology). And before I realized that NeuroSky is also working on a more advanced version of their headset. One that includes head and eye tracking plus stereo sound, in addition to the EEG.
Later, on a trip to San Francisco in October 2009, I had the good fortune to visit NeuroSky Headquarters in San Jose.
It was a day of wonder, where NeuroSky communications manager Tansy Brook showed me how the Force Trainer and
the NeuroSky Mindset actually works.

Afterwards I was elated. Indeed, when great visions suddenly seems within reach [2], how could you not be? Perhaps,
the futurists were right after all! Perhaps, the 21st century will really see radical positive changes to human characterics
and capacities [3]! And surely there must be a market for empowering humans in a future plethora of mindless robugs [4]
and Ishiguro humanoids [5]. Obviously, one Brain Computer Interface [6] for gaming is not Arthur C. Clarkes
Braincap [7] realized. But remember:
- And in today already walks tomorrow -


Simon Laub

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