The Robot Laws

- Isaac Asimov proposed ''Three Laws of Robotics'', and he later added a ''Zeroth Law'' -

The Original Laws of Robotics

(The Calvinian Religion)

The Zeroth Law

(The Giskardian Reformation)

The first three original Laws are found in "Handbook of Robotics" 56th edition, 2058 A.D.
They are named after robopsychologist Dr. Susan Calvin at U.S. Robots, - born 1982 A.D.
The Zeroth Law is sometimes mentioned as the Giskardian Reformation
- after R. Giskard Reventlow who helped R.Deneel develop the Zeroth Law -
Giskard the legendary, first of the mentalic robots, capable and willing to guide humans,
nudging and shifting their thoughts and memories...for their own good.

Sometimes the laws are stated slightly different. For completeness such an equivalent formulation follows below:

The Robot Laws

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June 1998 - Simon Laub

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