(Embodied Cognition)

- and stories about them

An Asimovian world

- with friends like R.Dors, R.Giskard and R.Daneel -

At a seminar in 2001, in Aarhus, Kristen Nygaard,
co-inventor of object-oriented programming & the programming language Simula, and winner of the Turing Award,
told us that it was ok to read SF and be inspired by it ...
Indeed, he recommended reading SF ...
So, well, here we go ... :)

 I Robot (Asimov)
 The Robot Laws (Asimov)
 Foundations Triumph (Asimov)

 Asimovian 21st century robotics:

1. Roboticide and Robot Love  (Asimov)
2. Pax Robotica  (Asimov)
3. Robot Sex  (Asimov and Darwin)
4. The 3 dimensions of power  (Asimov and Lukes)

 Sea of Rust
Post Asimov (2018): Robots as any Sf-reader
know they are, deep down ...

 Box Experiments
Post Asimov (2019): The birth of a robot,
that tries to understand the world, and escape the lab ...

But, well, we haven't quite arrived in an Asimovian world yet ...
Even though we are getting closer ... Somewhat ...

Mind Children
(21st century robotics)

Transcendent minds and 21st century robotics:

 RoboConquest - Faces of the future
The future as it looked at the turn of the century.

 Top 10 reasons why people don't like robots
Robotics and the public opinion (Japanese enthusiasm, skepticism in the West).

 Mindless Robugs (Whimsical friends)
Robot diversions. May 2010.

 Robot Days (Dokk1, Aarhus)
Spot (Boston Dynamics). August 2023.

 Quadruped Robot Project:
1. Project Conception & 2. Robot Assembly & First Steps
Project start Feb. 2020. First steps Aug. 2020.

 Barking robot dogs might bite (d)
The robots are coming - Including the robot dogs. First steps.
Article in Ingenioeren. December 17th. 2020.

 Kismet - the robot (MIT 2000)
First robotic facial expressions. Usenet pics. April 2000.

  Impressions from a couple of conferences
in the area of Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (etc ...):
Aamas 2014, Ijcai 2018

 I, Computer (Consciousness and Personality)

 Ishiguros Robot Laboratory
Our vist to the Ishiguro Robot Lab
Dept. of Adaptive Machine Systems, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan
Nov. 2008.

Datalog Bladet, Aargang 31, April 2009. p. 5 - 16:
Visit to the Ishiguro Robot Lab (pdf) (d).


Simon Laub

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