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01/12/01 Datalog Bladet:
Gode management nyheder (d)
29/01/03 Datalog Bladet:
Hvad blev der af HAL? (d)
15/06/05 Datalog Bladet:
Executive Coaching (d)
02/12/05 CivilOkonomen:
Coaching og videnssamfundet (d)
30/04/09 Datalog Bladet:
Ishiguro Robot Lab (d)
The Computer Museum, Mountain View, CA.
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Dawn of Homo Sapiens Cyborgensis:
Quarantine by Greg Egan is the novel to read while we await the first real brain modifications to be sold on the internet. Before going to bed you spray some viral content into your nostrils, and clever nanomachines are carried into your brain. You lie awake a little thinking about the nanorobots finding their way inside your brain. Whether they will make a perfect mod, - or make vital brain centers into neural spaghetti.... read more
Artificial minds. Self-aware copies.
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Utah road, March 2001.
Undoubtedly, there will be many roads to the future. Some as scenic as the Utah road above, others as dark and dystopian, as any Blade Runner story could ever be. Travelogues help you find the scenic ones. And hopefully, you will find many scenic routes right here!
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